The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and @GovernorQuinn plan to build three flyover ramps as part of their 4.5 year ~450 million dollar circle interchange project. Two ramps will go over Harrison street west of Halsted just east of South Des Plaines Street. Another ramp will go over Halsted street just south of Van Buren street and divide the Greektown from Halsted to the south.
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Thursday June 27 5:30 - 6:30 PM
Corner of Halsted & Van Buren - Under the columns



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Chicago and the world need ideas in transit. We need ways to move people and cargo through urban environments. We are realistic that cars, trucks, and congestion aren't going away. Tweet your ideas to fix the circle interchange and use the #stopidot hashtag.

We need big ideas. 450 million is a lot of money. We need a big solution to go with that. Unfortunately, IDOT seems to be using 450 million as a magical cap. It's the budget they think they can get...not necessarily what they need. Maybe the best solution costs a billion dollars. Maybe a perfectly workable solution that doesn't involve flyovers can be had for 250 million. Without real public hearings on what costs what, we will never know. We need you to push our goverment to act. Sign the petition and let them know we need new ideas.

Here are a few ideas to get you started

Go under

Why not turn the above ground loop highway into a local exits only road?

Imagine if on 90/94 near ohio street there was a thru-traffic set of lanes that started going deeper underground and the current highway ran on top of it (a double decker...but not going any higher than today). The new thru-traffic tunnel would have exits for 290 and would merge back into the main traffic near Roosevelt/Taylor street.

This would allow north/south bound traffic to move directly through the city. The Locals road above might even be able to be made a lane to two smaller...opening up room for other ideas like safer merging on/off the highway or even green space?

Do Less

Let's face it, we'd rather have our tax payer dollars fixing more roads and schools than bundling it all up in one big road project. Why not find the core areas that need structural reinforcement, resurfacing, and just fix those core areas. Let's leave the interchange structurally as it is. We know all roads and bridges deteriorate over time...but that doesn't mean we need to redo the interchange. It means we repair what is already there.

The next ideas are all yours! #stopidot

Send us your ideas and we'll post them here!